Free Talking Book Download – Risky Conversations

Free Talking Book Download – Risky Conversations

imageFor the many people who have appreciated the 22 video series in Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk you will now be pleased to know that the book is now a free talking book. You can download mp3 files freely: podcast or listen in your car while your drive. You can access the free Talking Book here:

You can still purchase the Risky Conversations book which is a text record of video transcripts and most importantly, supporting research and case law to substantiate claims made on the videos here:

The production of the videos and talking books has been sponsored by Human Dymensions

If you are interested in having Greg Smith and Rob Long present to your organization you can book them here:

You can also free download Dr Long’s latest book Fallibility and Risk, Living with Uncertainty here:

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