Free Ebook for New Safety People


By Peter Ribbe

imagePeters last Safety Ebooks were a big hit and encouraged him to share this one. Download Peter’s Other FREE EBOOKS HERE

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The information contained within the following pages are designed to assist safety practitioners new to the safety arena, even some long term safety practitioners often have issues on how to solve particular problems, this booklet does not solve your problems, but guides you to finding solutions, by prompting and advising you where to look to find the solution, by asking a series of questions, that you yourself only know the answers to.

Don’t forget the late George Robotham’s Free Ebook: Guidance for the beginning OHS Professional

Peter Ribbe

WHS Manager at National Hide Processors

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Progressive and hands on, able to find solutions to problems relative to safety. Knowledgeable in a vast area within the safety field, my career path has changed many times bringing with it a lot of accumulated knowledge from various industries which I am able to use to assist in formulating change, identifying problem areas and finding solutions. Consistent in being actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge to enhance my career. I have the ability to hit the ground running in whatever industry or surrounding I am placed. Qualified in many areas of WHS, Hazard and risk management, pre & post injury management, accident and incident investigation, contractor management,and internal auditing.Training of Emergency Response and Rescue Teams, writing training material and training workers in safety, training WHSQ PErforM manual handling and ergonomics. I have a metal/mechanical engineering background; this knowledge enables me to be proficient in engineering solutions to safety problems in a variety of safety roles. My safety knowledge extends into chemicals, Hazmat/Hazchem and Hydrocarbons, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics/Manual Handling. Establishment and training of quality systems, environmental management and sustainability. Broad ranging experiences in a variety of industries and responsibilities. Business, OHS, Management, Manufacturing, Quality, Construction, Waste/Sustainability/Environmental Management, Retail, Information Technology, Engineering, Emergency Services, Fire Engineering, Human Resource, Training safety and mobile plant operations and competence, Environmental Audits and Injury Management.

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