Focus on Must Do Behaviors Not Dont Do Behaviors

Focus on “Must Do” Behaviors Not “Don’t Do” Behaviors

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judgementWhen organizations try to change their cultures to one that places a higher value on worker safety they often focus on “thou shall not…” statements. In this post I focus on how the organizations with the highest positive performance tend to focus on what they want versus what they don’t want. Sharing a compelling vision of success begins with defining the desired behaviors the organization demands of ALL it’s people from the C+ executives to the temps and contractors.
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So while this won’t be one of my notorious anti-BBS rants, I have learned a lot about behaviors and how they are viewed within organizations.
The most successful organizations don’t focus on UNSAFE behaviours, rather they focus on guiding behaviors—those expectations of behavior that govern the way people interact, and these behaviours are a) positive and b) transcend any one industry. In broad strokes, the most successful (and by that I mean those organizations with a demonstrable commitment to worker safety; I’ve found that the companies who legitimately care about worker safety also tend to be the most successful according to other criteria for success (financial, sustainability, etc.).

Phil LaDuke

Phil LaDuke

Principle and Partner at ERM
Phil LaDuke
Phil La Duke is a principle and partner in Environmental Resources Management (ERM) a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services. With over 140 offices in 40 countries and nearly 6,000 top professionals, ERM can help you wherever you find yourself doing business. At ERM we are committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional, and of the highest quality to create value for our clients. Over the past five years we have worked for more than 50% of the Global Fortune 500 delivering innovative solutions for business and selected government clients helping them understand and manage the sustainability challenges that the world is increasingly facing. Phil works primarily in the Performance and Assurance practice at ERM; a speaker, author, consultant, trainer, provocateur…Phil La Duke wears many hats. As an expert in safety, training, organizational development, and culture change, Phil and ERM can help you motivate your workforce, conduct safety performance assessments, help you to build robust training infrastructures, craft interventions to improve how your work place values safety, provide insights to your executive staff, and craft and execute business solutions. If you’re interested in what Phil La Duke and ERM can do for you, or if you would like to inquire about employment opportunites at ERM, contact Phil at

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