Experiential Learning for Safety and Risk

Experiential Learning for Safety and Risk

imageWikipedia describes Experiential learning as: the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing"

You will see this classic quote many times throughout this blog: “How can I know what I think or feel until I see what I say and do?” Prof. Karl E. Weick.

“Humans cannot retain extensive amounts of information in one sitting. It doesn’t take much to flood human consciousness. Bombarding the senses with data over a number of hours cannot be absorbed. Real learning is both longitudinal and relational.” – Dr Robert Long

We have published a number of articles related to more effective ways of learning about safety and risk than staring at a computer screen or powerpoint presentation.

The video below introduces you to the experiential learning strategies of Human Dymensions. Experiential learning activities are embedded in many of Human Dymensions training programs but they also provide Experiential Learning days and half days. All the activities, walks, games and interactive scenarios have been developed and trailed by Dr Long over 35 years and are highly effective for conferences, safety days, group learning, camps and retreats. All activities are copywrite to Dr Long and can be licensed through Human Dymensions.

Subjects include:Activities include:
  • leadership development
  • supervision
  • team dynamics
  • conflict management
  • managing performance
  • understanding decision making
  • the challenges of risk
  • communication skills
  • risk intelligence
  • safety mindfulness
  • collaborative sensemaking
  • relationships.
  • BableWorks Tower
  • Casino Royale
  • Tangram Tussle
  • Simpson Desert
  • You Can’t Say No
  • United Nations
  • PolisTown
  • Spaghetti Teams
  • Recognition Roulette
  • Bridge to Somewhere
  • Workplace Simulations
  • Semiotics Walks.

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Experiential Learning from Human Dymensions on Vimeo.

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