Covid-19 and the Hierarchy of Control

Safety Crusaders the world over are congratulating each other, and feeling very relevant for finding a way to adapt their favourite, overly simplistic model to controlling the spread of Covid-19.

As we all know, “The primary cause of incidents is unsafe behaviour” – just what we need to hear during a social crisis – thanks Safety

Helpful or harmful?


2 Replies to “Covid-19 and the Hierarchy of Control”

  1. It’s amazing how the crusaders come out of the woodwork equipped with a Cert 4 in OHS which of course qualifies one in virology. The current surge of safety crusaders capitalizing on their expertise in pandemic is embarrassing.

    1. Rob Long. You are 100% right. Let the doctors and other experts in the field give direction to one source and take direction from them. e.g. what are the experts saying about wearing of masks??

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