Construction Risk Assessments

Construction Risk Assessments

The Construction Risk Assessments software package by Safety Services Direct consists contains over 60 generic examples of Building and Construction Risk Assessments for a wide variety of construction and construction related activities. Each of the construction risk assessments have been prepared to identify and assess the major risks associated with a task, operation or activity, they also identify the people that may be affected by them, and any specific risk control measures that may need to be put in place. See them here:

Each of the Construction Risk Assessments is colour coded and is in Microsoft Word document format to assist with prompt identification of the required risk identification and assessment.  Blank risk assessment forms and templates are also included to allow users to carry out their own unique hazard identification and assessment of risks for activities not included in the Construction Risk Assessments package.  Each of the construction risk assessments is fully customisable and the user has full control over the contents and outcome of every risk assessment.


A01 Asbestos Containing Materials
A02 Brick/Block Laying
A03 Cable Pulling
A04 Carpentry/Joinery
A05 Concreting Operations
A06 Confined Spaces
A07 Contaminated Land
A08 Demolition Works
A09 Dry Lining/Stud Partitions
A10 Electrical Installations (Temp.)
A11 Excavations
A12 Fire Safety
A13 Glazing

A14 Leadwork

A15 Overhead Services

A16 Painting

A17 Pre-Cast Concrete Works

A18 Pre-Demolition Enabling Works
A19 Propping/Falsework
A20 Rendering
A21 Site Access/Egress
A22 Site Setup
A23 Stone Work
A24 Storage & Use of Highly Flammable Liquids
A25 Storage and Use of LPG
A26 Storage of Materials on Site
A27 Street Works
A28 Structural Steelwork Erection
A29 Traffic Management
A30 Trial Trenches
A31 Underground/Buried Services
A32 Underpinning
A33 Work Near Water
A34 Work involving Raw Sewage
Abrasive Wheels
B02 Cartridge Operated Tools
B03 Chains Saws
B04 Display Screen Equipment
B05 Dump Trucks
B06 Electrical Hand Tools/Equipment
B07 Excavators
B08 Excavators Used for Lifting
B09 Fork Lift Trucks
B10 High Pressure Water Cleaners

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