Bounded Rationality–How Can Too Much Safety Be Bad For You?

Bounded Rationality – How Can Too Much Safety Be Bad For You?

bounded rationalitySomeone just sent me a safety slogan: “Safety – It’s Never Enough”, normally I would just brush it off as another meaningless, demoralising aphorism but it got me thinking……Join me in reflecting back over the last few serious incidents you have been involved in…. was one of the common issues uncovered that there wasn’t enough paperwork or procedures in place? Or, is it more the case that what was supposed to happen just didn’t? Information overload is one of the major causes of incidents but you wont ever see that in an investigation report!

A recent incident I was investigating involved a serious injury to a labour hire employee just an hour into his first day on the job. The task he was performing was potentially very high risk, if not done right, and hence it was well covered in extremely comprehensive procedures and inductions – but, the induction process was so complicated and time consuming that, due to production demands and the safety guy not working Saturdays, this poor guy was put straight to work. Interestingly, his supervisor turned up at hospital with induction paperwork to sign and was eaten alive by an angry mother!

A recent debate on LinkedIn indicated that many realise and lament that safety is convoluted and overly bureaucratic, yet the sunk cost and fear of non-compliance over-ride any thoughts about rationalisation.  We’ve all heard that the paperwork is necessary to “cover your arse” but that same paperwork could actually be detrimental to your case in court where judgements are usually decided on cultural issues rather than systems – its not about what you say you do but about what you actually do.

This all started making sense to me when I learned about the concept of “Bounded Rationality”. (If you would like to extend your thinking even further then type “Exformation” or “Satisficing” into our search box!)

On our resource page “Understanding the Social Psychology of Risk and Safety”,  Dr Rob Long describes Bounded Rationality as:

First by Herbert Simon (1978) bounded rationality is the idea that in decision-making, rationality of individuals is limited by the information they have, the cognitive limitations of their minds, and the finite amount of time they have to make a decision. The truth is humans are limited by what our mind and social constructs can manage. Humans have to make decisions without all possible information available.

A quote by Rob Sams:

We need to be aware that people have ‘bounded rationality’ and that ‘flooding’ people with information is one of the greatest causes of incident because they become distracted with so much detail. We need to think about how people ‘sift’ through all of the information that is provided to them and consider how they ‘discern’ what knowledge is valuable and what is not?

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