Book Launch – Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning

Book Launch – Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning

This is the video of the book lunch of Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning written by Dr Robert Long and Roy Fitzgerald.

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Tackling Risk – Book Launch Fremantle 2017 from Human Dymensions on Vimeo.

The book is launched by Greg Smith from Nexus Lawyers and author of previous book with Dr Long – Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. The Book Launch was held in Fremantle in 2017.

The book launch explains the purpose of the book and its focus on the nature of learning and risk. This is Roy Fitzgerald’s first book and the video contains his special thanks and tribute.

Roy and Rob commenced their careers in the education system and apply their expertise in education and learning to an understanding of risk. The history of the risk sector has been dominated by a focus on ‘training’ more than education and learning and this is evident in curricula on risk. The training approach to risk tends to focus on the ‘objects’ of risk but the nature of education on learning focuses on the ‘subjects’ of learning – people.

What Roy and Rob propose in the their book is a more holistic approach to understanding risk through a more mature philosophy of education.

The book explores the following:

  1. The nature and philosophy of learning
  2. The psychology of goals and motivation
  3. The problem with ‘schooling’ and ‘training’ people in risk
  4. Learning through discovery, experience, play, immersion and community
  5. A social psychological of risk body of knowledge
  6. Semiotics and learning

  7. Roy’s unique approach to visualization and learning

  8. Methodologies for visual learning

  9. Understanding critical thinking

  10. Application of learning methodologies to tackling risk

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