Apartment Building Safety Checklists

Apartment Building Safety Checklist

Our 50 page Hotel and Resort checklist covers every aspect of the risks involved in these operations. With a few modifications, anyone who manages an apartment building, body corporate or residential strata building could also use this.

If you would like the Word Version so you can modify it yourself then you can EMAIL us but make sure you ask really nicely 🙂

DOWNLOAD HERE: Comprehensive Hotel-Resort Risk Management Checklist

Other Useful Resources:

Apartment Assessment

Developed by the City of Melbourne, this apartment building safety audit assessment is designed to help residents, tenants and security staff assess the safety and security of their apartment building. It covers potential areas of vulnerability, and provides suggestions for adapting your security to reduce the risk of crime against you and your property. Complete each question in the apartment building safety audit assessment. If you answer ‘no’ to any of the questions, review the suggested treatment options in the back of the booklet.

Download Here: Apartment_Assessment

Body Corporate Management Essentials Checklist

This was put out by RESORT NEWS who say: “Being a body corporate/ strata manager it is difficult keeping up with the changes to the legislation and keeping owners informed. The role of the manager is supposed to be an administration role and not a technical expert in every field that, in most cases, is expected by the unit owners”

Download Here: Body Corporate Management Essentials Checklist

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