A different way to promote safety – and dogs

“Health and Safety?? Pictures”

sexy construction safetyIn a recent poll 25% of our readers said they would like to see more safety related images on this site.  55% said they would like to see “funny” or “stupid” safety pictures. A reader recently brought these “health and safety” pictures to our attention. We are not promoting or condoning the unusual way that women, safety or dogs are portrayed in these photographs – just bringing them to your attention. Nor are we saying they are either “funny” or “stupid” – just “different”.  There are bound to be mixed feelings and some controversy about these photos and we don’t intend to make any comments about them – you be the judge. They are a bit of fun and may raise some awareness for health and safety in certain situations, where more traditional methods have failed to get attention, 350 models auditioned to take part and the proceeds went to a good cause (in the same way as other “sexy” calendars have raised funds for charity). We would love to see your comments.

Background: In 2007 and 2008 a series of calendars featuring greyhounds were produced. The series included a calendar with a health and safety theme. These calendars were produced to raise awareness for the serious plight of retired greyhounds and all proceeds went to a greyhound rescue organisation. The calendars were described as: “Greyhounds – Sexy & Safety’ – a stunning and superior quality greyhound calendar with a difference for the lad’s bedroom, study and in garages, factories and workshops…… original photographs taken by Stuart Stott using a ‘Health and Safety’ theme.” Website: http://www.ourgreyhounds.co.uk/index.htm – the calendars have now been taken down?

The calendar is described in the press release as: “somewhat controversial safety calendar which features scantily clad models in a series of “accidents waiting to happen”. The Greyhounds are wisely pointing out the hazards.”

You can see the whole collection from both calendars here (large size prints can be ordered!): Website: http://www.ourgreyhounds.co.uk/index.htm – the calendars have now been taken down?

‘Greyhounds – Sexy & Safety’ Calendar 2007 – “Using a Health & Safety and Sexy Theme”

“Greyhounds – Sexy and Safety” Calendar 2008 – “Lad’s Mag’ style using a Health and Safety sexy and humorous theme”

Here are some examples from both calendars:



Highway Maintenance with caption “He’s going to find out I’m not a guide dog”



Nightclub Safety with caption “Watch your drink Yaz”

Inside Front Coverconstruction safety

Safety Clothing with caption “Protective clothing in the building industry. Don’t you wish all builders dressed like Sarah? No, maybe not”


smoke alarms

“Oh dear! She’s nicking the smoke alarm batteries again”


the right tools

The Right Tools with caption “Quick, someone call
health and safety”

Inside Front Cover

breakdown safety

Breakdown Safety with caption “If you breakdown try not to draw attention to yourself while you wait for a recovery service”



Keeping Work Areas Tidy with caption: “There’s more than one accident waiting to happen here”



Hard Hats & Work Boots with caption: “I’m sure those boots don’t have steel toecaps”



Office Clutter with caption: “She may have a tidy body but she ain’t very tidy at work”

Back Cover

ladder safety

Ladder Safety with caption: “I’m outa here the top of that ladder should have been tied to the pole”


motorcycle safety gear

Riding Leathers with caption “Is this really the right leather gear”

Inside Front Coverusing_dangerous_power_tools
Power Tools Safety Competition


High Visibility Jackets with caption: “Those Hi Viz jackets really do get a driver’s attention”



Structural Support with caption: “Structural support work should only be done by a qualified erection specialist”

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