2013 Safety Slogans

2013 Safety Slogans

Seems like a few companies like to kick safety off each year with fresh new safety slogans or even boost awareness by running a safety slogan competition based around the new year. Here are a few we have been sent already. Thanks to Bev and Joe:

  • Don’t get caught “in-between” in 2013.
  • Safety should always be seen in 2013.
  • Keep your work area sparkling clean in 2013.
  • In 2013, Safety first is what we mean!
  • Keep your workplace clean in 2013.
  • Be an accident free team in 2013.
  • Be accident free in 2-0-1-3.
  • Be safety keen in 2013.
  • Look before you Step, Never Leap – thanks to Gary M

Slogans should be POSITIVE and MEANINGFUL and used with caution, particularly the use of negative priming language or implying of unachievable goals or encouragement of unnecessary risk aversion (“ie Zero Harm).

To quote Dr Rob Long from his recent article: “Its only Words and Words are all I Have”

When managers maintain a discourse of meaningless words to workers, this simply drives disconnectedness. What is the value of preaching words to a workforce than don’t believe in the language being preached? So what words in safety might be most helpful?

Some organisations use language such as ‘safety matters’, ‘safety leadership’, ‘don’t walk past’, ‘safety journey’, ‘safety first’ or ‘hear, listen and think before you act’. Whatever the words used, they need to connect and inspire others to believe in safety and also manage the importance of learning in risk and, the reality of human fallibility.

Dr Rob Long

Dr Rob Long

Expert in Social Psychology, Principal & Trainer at Human Dymensions
Dr Rob Long

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Dr Rob Long
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