What to Say Instead Of Be Careful

What to Say Instead Of Be Careful

Not often you find gems on Linkedin (see poster below) and this is juxtaposed lately with posts about 10 Golden Rules and “who’s to blame” videos.

Most legislation requires consultation with the work force and those actually exposed to the risks – many seem to think this means providing and having them sign off on inductions, work method statements and toolbox talks, not to mention meaningless slogans, aphorisms and mantras.

There is a more effective way……….

The concepts of humble inquiry shown in the poster below is equally applicable at home and at work. Through the art of humble inquiry (or “fluffy stuff” as the safety crusaders like to call it) one can both achieve compliance and encourage thinking about risk and how best to manage it. This is similar to the premise of the “Take 5” process which encourages a switch back to the slow, conscious Mind 1 (see: One Brain, Three Minds). Unfortunately that is rarely done properly and it’s effectiveness measurements and KPI’s are normally around quantity rather than quality.

You can read lots more about the art of humble inquiry here: https://safetyrisk.net/tag/humble-enquiry/


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