Were We Ever in Control?

A Covid-19 Poem From the Safety Meteorologist

imageThe Clouds blew in so fast today

They told me something, they didn’t say,

They covered my mind with a shade of grey

My blue was gone and plans delayed.

My full life has gone on hold

Because of things I wasn’t told,

Why are people so smart and bold?

When all is obscured out in the cold.

The sun is hiding, the wind is harsh

I close my eyes, my doubt is vast,

Is a storm approaching?

We hope it will pass.

You don’t know, why tell me so?

You confuse me more, faux news flow,

Your hopes for hopes, out in the snow

And my fears on fears will not plateau.

You gave me a storm of paper hate

But I’m not so sure of your story mate,

Will storm clouds pass?

Will storm clouds go?

What is coming? You don’t know.

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