The 10 commandments of workplace safety

We only have a few rules around hereThe 10 commandments of workplace safety:

Barry has learned and unlearned a lot since he wrote this article. Please read this article first:

Commandments, Cardinal and Life Saving Rules

Just sent in by a reader. Not a bad start but I know some of you will want to make this 1000 but there can only be 10 as I have enough trouble complying with all of the “other commandments”! Sooo….which would you take out, what would you replace them with and which are definite keepers – I’ll modify as we go. Have a look at the recent list put together by George Robotham and Rob Long for inspiration. Context is placement on a workplace noticeboard NOT on the safety person’s office wall!

1. Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others.

2. Always remember all accidents are preventable.

3. Always follow company rules, regulations and procedures.

4. Always assess the risks, Stop and think.

5. Always be proactive about safety.

6. Always deter from situations you’re not trained to handle.

7. Always manage the lift.

8. Always Be prepared.

9. Always practice good housekeeping.

10. Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.

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Barry Spud

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What is a Safety Spud? Lets look at a few more spud head activities in risk and safety: 1. Coming on to site saying there is a safety issue when in fact there’s no such thing, it’s a political issue. 2. ‘Falling apart’ when people make choices that we think are stupid because they won’t do as we ‘tell’ them. Then we put on the angry face and think that overpowering others creates ownership. 3. Putting on the zero harm face, presenting statistics, knowing it has nothing to do with culture, risk or safety. 4. Putting on the superman (hazardman) suit and pretending to be the saviour of everything, this is good spud head cynic stuff. 5. Thinking that everyone else is a spud head except me. 6. Thinking there’s such a thing as ‘common’ sense and using such mythology to blame and label others. 7. Accepting safety policies and processes that dehumanize others. 8. Blaming, ego-seeking, grandstanding and territory protecting behind the mask of safety. 9. Thinking that risk and safety is simple when in fact it is a wicked problem. Denying complexity and putting your spud head in the sand. 10. Continually repeating the nonsense language and discourse of risk aversion that misdirect people about risk, safety, learning and imagination.

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