Shock Safety Ads

Shock Safety Ads

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Grim Reaper aids

Some of us would remember the Grim Reaper AIDS ads from the 80’s. There was no blood and guts – just pure terror that scared the crap out of us. See the bowling alley ad below:

I wonder, however, if this ad would be so effective if we saw it for the first time today? I look at this now and it would probably only score a PG rating as a Playstation game – it almost seems quite funny (could be the 80s hairstyles!) Some say that the more gruesome and shocking an image is made then the more people think that the chances of that happening to them are all the more remote.

Having said that try watching this compilation of road safety ads from around the world and not get a shiver down your spine (I certainly can’t watch it again):

One of the most searched for items on this site are gory safety pictures and videos

This ad from a couple of years ago appealed to a different type of emotion and was very successful in sending the message that driving like an idiot was a sign of inadequacy in other areas:


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