Safety Semiotics Competition

Safety Semiotics Competition

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We have all heard the saying “A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”. There is more significance in this meme than just a person having a bad day or another stupid safety fail photo. But, I imagine that, given the speed with which we consume social media these days, many will miss the not so subtle nuances, smirk and move on.

Semiotics is the study of the meaning and influence of the images, sounds, words, smells, tastes, symbols, actions and objects which make up our surroundings; the impact that these things have on our non-conscious communication and how it is critical to our overall means of communicating and “sensemaking” in the world. Unfortunately semiotics and the power of unconscious communication is not well understood, taught or appreciated in Safety and Risk.

First person who can read and tell us, in the comments section below, the meaning of this photo (hint: perhaps it’s a famous quote – my 17 yo son got it straight away!) will win the full set of 5 books (worth $125.00) by Dr Rob Long including:

  1. Risk Makes Sense
  2. For the Love of Zero
  3. Real Risk
  4. Following-Leading in Risk
  5. Risky Conversations

Sorry but, due to exorbitant postage costs, Australian residents only. I also have some single copies of some of the books above as consolation prizes for humour (Dad joke worthy responses like: “you should never trust stairs or ladders as they are always up to something”) and creativity.  If you miss out you can buy these books here

NB: Please don’t tell me that there should have been a handrail installed! See

Also, if your name is Max Geyer you are ineligible to enter this competition as you are likely to get it straight away and spoil it for everyone. Max wrote this excellent piece on semiotics and unconscious communication and it’s one of our most popular posts: “Its All In The Sign

If you are interested in learning more about semiotics and unconscious communication in risk then please have a look at this short but very informative video by Dr Rob Long:

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