Safety Culture Program Essentials

Safety Culture Program Essentials   Now is the time of the year when people begin to think of rebooting or starting up a safety culture program.  The concept of safety culture is so overworked yet so poorly defined.  Most organisations seem to use the word ‘culture’ interchangeably with ‘systems” which… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Futurism

We would love to hear about recent, classic examples of “futuristic safety discourse” you have come across – please share them in the comments below – latest I saw was: “The brain science of optimal safety using the Zero Incident Process (ZIP)” – thanks, Dave Safety Futurism Article by Dr… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Communication

Safety Communication A couple of extracts from recent posts on the Workplace Communicator Blog which are really worth sharing: Are poor safety habits holding back your safety culture progression? Posted by Marie-Claire Ross on Sun, May 11, 2014 If you've ever felt that a lot of your friends or colleagues… Learn more >>>>>

Imagination and Safety

Imagination? We’ll Soon Knock that Nonsense Out of You A safety friend of mind Ted rang the other day, he had just gone through the circus and charade of an OFSC Audit and 4801 Audit. He said, ‘ah, now we are safe’, I said, ‘no your not, you are probably… Learn more >>>>>

The Gemba Safety Walk

The Gemba Safety Walk – Is it a Silly Walk? Tried and failed or just gotten a tad bored with Zero Harm, BBS and MBWA? It seems the latest silver bullet being peddled by a few Snake Oil Salesmen is the “Safety Gemba Walk”. I’ve only just discovered this trendy… Learn more >>>>>