Risk Homeostasis Presentation

Risk Homeostasis Presentation VIDEO

With much trepidation I have decided to put it out there…….. my presentation on Risk Homeostasis for Unit 1 of Graduate Certificate in Social Psychology. The video was recorded and edited brilliantly by Rick Long (more of his work here)

See it here: Dave Collins – Risk Homeostasis

imageIntro by Dr Rob Long:

In this poster presentation Dave outlines the central principles of Risk Homeostasis. In typical Dave style he draws together a number of stories and experiences to explain how the perception of risk is affected by more than just rational choice. He shows that people are desensitized to risk for many non-rational reasons. People mitigate and aggravate their perception of risk for a host of reasons and adjust their sense of risk by a range of heuristics, biases and effects. Dave shows how many actions towards risk have by-products sometimes counter intuitively making risk worse or shifting the risk to anther time and place. The story of de-dagging starts the presentation and then Dave rotates around the symbols on his poster using all the powerful effect of semiotics embedded in his poster design. One thing is for sure, humans don’t make decisions about risk in isolation from social arrangements and unconscious effects

Copy of my poster – you had to be there! Smile

Homeostasis Poster 1 - D Collins

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