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Tiger Grip Shoes“Simple facts: floor safety standards + hazards management = Slips and Falls still occurring on a daily basis”

Providing employees with the appropriate safety equipment is an obligation for companies in Australia. In certain industries, high staff turnover can oblige employers to source personal protective equipment (PPE) on a regular basis at a substantial cost. Being safe has been proven to be much cheaper than neglecting fundamental safety equipment requirements. However, innovative PPE can reduce these costs.

All industries face very different causes of hazards and pitfalls, liquids spills in kitchens, wet tiles in the cleaning industry and in the roofing industry. Tens of thousands of Australian kitchen workers can testify, liquid spills such as water, oil or detergent are the main cause of slips and falls. On slippery floors, if the adequate footwear is worn, businesses can dramatically reduce the risk of injuries and therefore compensation claims.

It it easy to make your workplace safer from day one with Non Slip Overshoes on the existing footwear of employees.

Tiger Grip non slip overshoes are an innovative and efficient solution for businesses looking to quickly and simply improve their workplace safety. They are inexpensive and easy to implement into OH&S practices. The ISO certified overshoes prevent employees from slipping and falling on wet, oily or greasy floors, while allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own footwear. Fitting neatly over employees’ personal footwear, the overshoes are simple to use and are machine washable. The ergonomic and sleek design of the overshoes makes them easy to wear and offers employees maximum comfort and support when walking on a slippery surface. Tiger Grip overshoes’ unique sole design and rubber formula improves shoe grip on all floors types and greasy surfaces and minimises clogging. They suit a large range of activities, industries and workplaces such as hospitality, aged and health care, the cleaning industry, supermarkets, food processing, roofing and sailing, …

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