Latest Air New Zealand Safety Video–Hollywood

Latest Air New Zealand Safety Video – Hollywood

Air NZ Safety VideoYou have to hand it to Air New Zealand and their big budget, in-flight safety videos. Yeah I kinda like the new video but, like a lot of the safety campaigns we have seen elsewhere lately (Hazardman, Dumb Ways to Die), when advertising agencies take over Safety we get cuteness, humour and entertainment but I’m not sure it really does much for safety – but then that really isn’t the main aim of this is it – are there awards given out for these things??? Over 3 million Youtube hits already is surely a good measure of its effectiveness!

Watching this video (or listening to the usual standard briefing) certainly isn’t going to save you if your plane goes down! These demos never cover what are probably some of the more real risks of flying like over-size cabin baggage or reclining your seat and infuriating the person behind you!!

Would it be more effective to spend the big budgets for these videos on aircraft maintenance or is this more about marketing and also ticking off the safety box in the process?

There is lots of risk homeostasis going on in the cabin – ie we have heard it all before, we know the risk is low, we know we have no control, we don’t want to look uncool or like we haven’t flown before…… we we take steps to up our risk to our comfortable target level by ignoring the safety message and may even leave our phones turned on!


Some of you may have missed their “Men In Black” flight safety video (starring members of there All Blacks Rugby Team):


Or Betty White’s “Safety Old School Style”

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