Google Glass–New Safety Technology

Google Glass – New Safety Technology

imageStill trying to work out how to use new technology like ipads to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your health and safety system? Well CHECK THIS OUT!!

This is device, which will be available to the public in 2014, is worn like eyes glasses (but they don’t have lenses but I guess could be mounted on safety glasses?). On the right side is a camera and a small heads up type display reflected off a prism. It has an earpiece for sound.  It is connected, via Bluetooth. to your mobile phone. You operate this thing by talking to it! Like: “OK glass, take a picture/video” or “OK glass, show me the SWMS for changing a light-bulb” or “Ok Glass, show me directions to the nearest petrol station”. See the video below to see this thing in action. More on the Google Glass Website

Australian company “Safety Culture” has scored a huge Australian first by being the first developer to get their hands on Google Glass. They see some major opportunities here for advancing worker safety.

See their website and News Release here to find out more about how these might be used to save lives.



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