Free Safety Videos

Free Safety Videos

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Free Safety Videos

Thanks to SJ from The SafetyToolshed for putting us onto these free safety videos from US Chemical Safety Board. They are some of the best safety videos we have seen – and they are FREE! They don’t pull any punches and most feature real life incident situations, investigations live footage and interviews with accident victims and their families.

Experimenting with Danger

Hazards associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions…. More

Fatal Exposure: Tragedy at DuPont

Three accidents occur over a 33-hour period at the Dupont plant in Belle, WV. … More

Animation of January 23, 2010 Phosgene Accident

Animation of January 23, 2010 Phosgene Accident … More

U.S. Chemical Safety Board Iron Dust Testing May 26, 2011

Video of testing on metal dust collected after the January 31, 2011, incident at the Hoeganaes Corporation in Gallatin, TN. The video shows two different tests, the first clip is filmed at normal speed followed by the two tests filmed in slow motion at 1,000 frames a second…. More

Fire in the Valley

A CSB safety video depicting events leading to the August 28, 2008, catastrophic explosion and fire at the Bayer CropScience facility in Institute, WV, that fatally injured two workers. … More

Deadly Practices

Dangers of intentionally releasing natural gas into work areas… More

Animation of Bayer CropScience Pesticide Waste Tank Explosion

3D animation of the sequence of events leading up to the August 2008 explosion at Bayer CropScience in Institute, WV. … More

No Escape: Dangers of Confined Spaces

A chemical fire erupts deep in a hydroelectric plant tunnel, trapping five workers…. More

Dangers of Hot Work

Key lessons to prevent flammable vapor explosions caused by welding and cutting…. More

No Place to Hang Out: The Danger of Oil Sites

“No Place to Hang Out” tells the tragic story of Devon Byrd and Wade White, two Mississippi teenagers who were killed October 31, 2009, in an oil tank explosion…. More

Surveillance video from July 19, 2009, fire and explosion at the CITGO Corpus Christi Refinery

Surveillance Video Footage… More

Security Camera Footage from November 4, 2009, accident at Silver Eagle Refinery

Video Camera Footage from November 4, 2009, explosion and fire at the Silver Eagle Refinery in Woods Cross, UT…. More

Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar

A massive dust explosion kills 14 and injures 36 … More

Runaway: Explosion at T2 Laboratories

A runaway chemical reaction takes the lives of four workers in Jacksonville, Florida. … More

Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard

Dust from industrial processes can become the fuel for devastating explosions. … More

Emergency Preparedness: Findings from CSB Accident Investigations

Lessons from ten years of CSB investigations on preparing for chemical disasters. … More

About the CSB

Describes how CSB investigations help to prevent major chemical accidents. … More

Half An Hour to Tragedy

Remaining too close to a propane leak proves fatal to responder and others…. More

Blast Wave in Danvers

Solvent vapor explodes at a Boston-area ink plant, devastating a neighborhood. … More

Death in the Oilfield

An oil tank explosion kills three workers performing hot work…. More

Fire from Ice

Fire cripples a refinery after propane leaks from a frozen dead leg. … More

Emergency in Apex

A North Carolina town is evacuated when fire engulfs a hazardous waste depot. … More

Anatomy of a Disaster

A massive explosion kills 15 and injures 180 at the BP Texas City refinery… More

Reactive Hazards

Four major accidents illustrate the dangers from uncontrolled chemical accidents. … More

Public Worker Safety

Two public employees burn to death performing unnregulated hot work. … More

Explosion at Formosa Plastics (Illinois)

A preventable human error leads to a vinyl chloride explosion, killing five. … More

Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation

Two contract workers suffocate while servicing a refinery process vessel. … More

Fire at Formosa Plastics (Texas)

Without safegaurds, a small collision leads to a massive process fire…. More

Dangers of Propylene Cylinders

Gas cylinders, rocketing from a fire, endanger a St. Louis neighborhood. … More

Ethylene Oxide Explosion at Sterigenics

At a sterilization plant, bypassing a safety interlock has catastrophic results. … More

Dangers of Flammable Gas Accumulation

When acetylene explodes inside a shed, three workers lost their lives. … More

Preventing Harm from NaHS

Sodium hydrosulfide may create deadly hazards at pulp mills, mines, and tanneries … More

Safety Nerd

Owner and Principal Consultant at Riskology
I’ve been in safety my whole career. Well nearly my whole career, I started off as a secretary for a recruitment company, then dabbled in HR whilst stumbling onto safety, which I fell head over heels ….literally in love (I know safety nerd alert) with safety after reading the book Lessons from Longford by Anthony Hopkins at the age of 19 and haven’t looked back since. I had a few friends that had been permanently injured in their early 20s and my Dad nearly lost his foot in a workplace accident when I was a twinkle in his eye and the Lessons from Longford book made so much sense to me. I started my life in safety knee high to a grasshopper working for Aristocrat in the 90’s, a gaming machine company in Sydney where I introduced national safety handbooks, alerts, industry focus groups and decided this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; during this time I also headed off to Uni and completed an MBA specialising in industrial relations, the closest qualification at the time related to safety, since then there’s been an explosion of courses so I then got my teeth into a masters of safety. I then went onto a safety role at Coca Cola Amatil and tackled the logistics of ensuring multiple sites were compliant from call centres to sales to manufacturing workers. This was an interesting time when new manufacturing plants were opening and becoming fully automated, never a dull moment in the world of safety. I’m a bit of a car buff so then moved into a safety role at Inchcape, you know the guys that own Subaru. I was looking after the safety for 45 sites and came up with some great strategies to get them all confident and running with safety. After saving my employers in total over $1.5million in workers comp and setting up some great strategies I decided to jump ship and moved away from the big smoke for love. That was a couple of years ago now and that’s when Riskology was born. I love helping other businesses create safer workplaces helping them through the minefield of legislation with simple easy solutions with the end goal of making workplaces safer. The safety industry has changed significantly in recent years, with new legislation and tougher penalties. Small businesses are expected to comply just as much as large businesses, that’s where I come in, helping to bridge the gap and cut through the jargon. Safety doesn’t have to be the elephant in the room, good safety practices is good for business. Qualifications Master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety Master’s degree in Business Industrial Relations Accredited Lead Auditor Graduate Certificate Health and Safety Management Systems Cert IV – Workplace Training, OHS, HR(and Dip), Secretarial

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