Worried about workplace injuries?

Worried about workplace injuries?

Marie-Claire-BW-250w1 (1)Do you ever get stuck wondering what to say about safety, so that people find it interesting and then, take your message on board?

Marie-Claire Ross is the author of Transform Your Safety Communication and she has lots of proven strategies on how to engage your workforce on safety.

She is offering a free webinar to all of our clients and we’re delighted to be able to offer you a spot.  It’s called:

3 Secrets for Creating Attention Grabbing Safety Messages

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This powerful training is for you are sick of:

  • Safety communication that gets blocked in your organisation.
  • Spending more time than you’d like explaining safety information or training people because employees don’t understand.
  • Staff that don’t take safety information seriously and are just not being accountable.
  • Employees not taking action.  Nothing changes.

If you’re tired of having your team ignore your safety messages and worry that a safety accident could cost your company dearly, you want to be on this webinar.  Her tools are going to make your life a lot easier.

It’s happening in a couple of days!

Save your FREE spot now => http://www.digicast.com.au/riskex2

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