Workplace iPad app is a real lifesaver

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Workplace iPad app is a real lifesaver

Media Release: SwipedOn

imageDoes your company still use a dog eared visitor book at front of house? Does the receptionist waste time looking for employees? Do you have an old in/out board at your worksite? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, well – there is an App for that!

The team at SwipedOn have put a modern twist on these workplace tools and have neatly packaged them into an iPad!

The Kiwi start-up has revolutionised the way we look at workplace access management.

“SwipedOn shows you the location and availability of all staff at a glance. It’s ideal for any organisation that has more than a handful of employees” says developer Hadleigh Ford. “Being able to quickly view everybody’s status and whereabouts removes guesswork, saves time and leads to a more efficient workplace”.

It’s a lot more than a status board “SwipedOn allows seamless visitor registration and even printing of visitor ID labels. The app automatically consolidates and exports working hours directly to payroll. Encouraging flexible work hours and staff self-time management. No more clock watching ever again!”

The app does not just streamline processes; it also aids in H & S compliance. “The beauty of it is – as you know exactly who is on site, both employees and visitors. In an emergency, fire wardens can react quickly and effectively. It is the ideal system to pick up off the wall and swiftly check off everybody in the office.”

The application is in its infancy, yet has already had a great uptake. “It is currently used in offices, warehouses, construction, education and marine sectors. When placed in highly visible areas the ability to customise screensavers has been very popular too.”

The iPad has been said to be many things, but now it’s a portable workplace tool that could just be a lifesaver!

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