Unbelievable Safety Sign

Unbelievable Safety Sign – Yes this is a fair dinkum sign!!

safety sign shoes must be worn

Addendum: Ok I’ve copped heaps about this so let me just say that I do not live in a bubble and I have by no means had a sheltered life! I am totally aware that there are ferals in society that present themselves like this, are lazy, live on handouts and will not make an effort to find work thinking that is their right or just not knowing any better. My point is “why is safety is again used as an easy way out of not having the balls to properly solve this problem”?

A great article to read about this:


This sign is in the front window of an Employment Services QLD Office!!!

ESQ is a group of community-based not for profit organisations who provide an integrated service delivery model for quality employment and training services. In other words, they assist those who are out of work, and referred by Centrelink, to find employment.

Really??? Isn’t it just SAFE TO ASSUME that if you are serious about finding work that you would probably wear some shoes?????

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