Top Ten Work Gloves – A Buyer’s Guide

Top Ten Work Gloves – A Buyer’s Guide

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work gloveProtective equipment is essential to a number of jobs across a wide range of activities and can often prevent employees from receiving serious injuries. Whether we are talking about protective goggles, flame-retardant trousers or complex harness systems, safety equipment is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

One of the most common forms of safety equipment found in workplaces across the country is gloves. Manufactured in a variety of designs and fulfilling a diverse range of functions, work gloves are important to a great many industries and the employees working within them.

With this in mind, we take a look at the ten best work gloves on the market.

1. PR Best Chargard Heat Resistant Gloves

Renowned for their comfort and ease of use, the Charguard heat resistant gloves are made from a comfortable non-woven liner that gives the wearer both a tight fit and flexibility.

Their heat resistant design is a firm favourite amongst those that require a little protection at work without compromising their dexterity or range of movement and ensuring high quality performance.

2. PR Showa 690 24” Ext Sleeve PVC Gauntlet

These PVC Gauntlet gloves go far beyond providing protection to just your hands with their extended bonded sleeve design. Boasting a variety of important characteristics that make them ideal for the work environment (such as being waterproof, oil resistant and offering protection from harmful chemicals), these gloves are a fantastic investment for any safety conscious employee.

3. PR Showa 451 Thermogrip Gloves

Providing excellent performance in cold conditions, the Thermogrip Gloves ensure that low temperatures do not affect any employee’s ability to carry out their duties. With a latex palm for additional grip and a design that protects against both detergents and alcohol, you just can’t beat these gloves for sheer value for money.

4. Pr Showa 460 Insulated Gauntlets

A step up from the PR Showa 451 Thermogrip Gloves, the 460 Insulated Gauntlets really are top of the range, cold protection gloves for the work environment. Providing protection in temperatures as low as -20°C, employees won’t have any trouble working in the most intense of conditions as long as they have access to a pair of these gloves.

They’re also waterproof and resistant to oils and chemicals.

5. PR Amber 3 Digit Cut 3 TraffiGloves

Specifically designed for those using power tools or heavy machinery, these brilliant work gloves from the Traffiglove brand have the tips of three digits removed in order to give workers increased control and dexterity.

Boasting an incredibly flexible design, abrasion resistant surfaces for longer life and a perfect close fit, you won’t want to use any other glove once you’ve tried the Traffi glove.

6. PR Showa 541 Dyneema Cut Resistant Gloves

If you’re worried about sustaining serious cuts while using tools at work, you may want to think about purchasing a pair of Dyneema gloves. These well-ventilated gloves are designed to be resistant to oils, acids, grease and abrasion, and fill all the necessary criteria demanded by specialists across many industries.

It is important to remember that employers are responsible for providing the necessary PPE to their employees and this includes safety gloves. According to guidelines from their 1992 PPE at Work Regulations, employees should be given appropriate workwear when there is a risk of chemical or metal contamination or splashes.

7. Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves

You don’t always need a pair of permanent gloves in the workplace and, quite often, disposable latex gloves will be the perfect option. Generally sold in boxes of one hundred, these latex gloves are affordable, high quality and perfect for general lightweight handling of a variety of substances.

Used in an incredible number of settings, from laboratories to dental surgeries, these are a versatile solution to many workplace protection problems.

8. PR Intersafety Double Palm Rigger Glove

If you’re looking for a simple pair of general handling gloves, you really can’t go wrong with the Intersafety Double Rigger Glove.

With a reasonably thick (1.2mm) leather design, a pasted cuff, clever knuckle protection and anti-abrasion technology, these gloves are incredibly helpful in a diverse range of situations.

9. PR Showa 317 HiViz Grip Gloves

Perfect for jobs that require high visibility protective equipment, Showa HiViz Gloves utilises a latex palm for extra control, an intelligent ventilation design to keep the wearer cool in warmer conditions and also protect against detergents and alcohol.

If employees are working at night, these may be the best dual-purpose protective gloves on the market.

10. PR Showa 600 Fully Coated PVC Gloves

Finally, the Fully Coated PVC Gloves are a fine PVC alternative to other general handling gloves and protect the wearer from a variety of substances. Having been PVC dipped, the gloves are resistant to oils and chemicals and boast an enhanced grip design.

Though this top ten list is both subjective and open to debate, it aims to provide the reader with an idea as to which gloves are worth purchasing and illustrate just how specialised and intelligently designed each pair can be. If you want more advice on how to pick appropriate work gloves then the HSE has this brilliant guide.

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