Olympic Goals and Zero Harm

If this article and the excellent analogies provided by Dr Robert Long doesn't convince you that the philosophy of “Zero Harm” is at serious odds with the path to success and achievement of reasonable goals in the real world then nothing will and you are a lost cause. If you… Learn more >>>>>

Muster Point Signage

Classic example of where not to locate a muster point Photo sent in by a reader who came across this scene while doing a baseline Site Safety Inspection prior to starting work on a Construction Site. Strangely enough, the principal contractor had difficulty understanding why they had issues with the… Learn more >>>>>

OHS is Dead. Long Live WHS

OHS is Dead. Long Live WHS. by Kevin Jones at http://safetyatworkblog.com/ Media reports on the 13 April 2012 Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting say that harmonisation of occupational health and safety laws in Australia has died.  Some say this is the fault of the Victorian Government with its economic… Learn more >>>>>