Safety Software – Integrated Risk Management Software

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Safety Software – Integrated Risk Management Software

Our search for the perfect safety software system has been ongoing – a reader recently recommended the I.R.I.S. system from Periscope.

Periscope software can be very useful for organisations that are still using excel or word style documents to provide management information from across the business units. Typically this data may relate to risks, incidents, contracts, safety, environment, quality, etc. Periscope software allows for the integration of what may be isolated static data into dynamic real time data with dashboards, filters, management reporting, archives and backups.

Further examples of reports and other information about I.R.I.S can be found at

10 reasons why the use of static data collection formats may be an issue for business.

1.       No data integrity – people can type words into dates any field can be populated at any time with any data leading to errors, inconsistencies and gaps

2.       No adherence to workflow rules

3.       Assignment of ownership can be difficult

4.       What ensures that data entered into the spreadsheet do not contain errors, when compared with their sources – no validation of process?

5.       Is there an audit trail to show each change to each spread sheet by which user?

6.      How does a user know they are using the right version of the spreadsheet?

7.      What controls prevent errors from appearing in the output?

8.    Does each spreadsheet rely on the knowledge and skills of just one individual? If so, what happens if that person is no longer available?

9.    What help documentation exist to explain the business rules and how to use it?

10.  Were the worksheets tested? What happens if the spreadsheet or word document is altered, does an archive exist?


The Sherm System – Safety Software from Safety for Life

If you are looking for health and safety software programs that are practical, functional and easy to use, look no further than SHERM. Designed to make data capture, analysis and reporting of risk as easy and accurate as possible for Australian businesses, Safety For Life’s SHERM offers the ultimate solution in health and safety software programs. For more information on the SHERM health and safety software program’s benefits for Australian business, phone Safety For Life on (07) 3102 4735 or enquire online.

Health and safety software programs are integral for Australian businesses, as recording and analysing risks is crucial for sustainable business development. SHERM does not have the expensive overheads that other health and safety software programs have, as it functions through your computer’s existing web browser software!

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