Safety for the mind

Safety for the mind

Clutter in your home clutters your mind and your life.  De-cluttering is a constant process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Once a week go through the areas where items are just put down and work out the need for this item.

Especially this time of year where School is finishing, in some parts of the globe, we need to go through the items  our children want to keep. In my experience, children are pretty bad when it comes to keeping unnecessary items. This is probably because they don’t really see why it matters. I believe it is our job to teach them. I tell my daughter to live in a pleasant environment the process of ‘clearing things’ is continuous.

Obviously there are some items that are just kept, then there are others that are in the: do we already have ten of these?; will it be missed?; is it sentimental enough to take a place?.

The next step after you have decided it is an item that needs to be kept is finding it a home. This part is just as important as the decision to keep the item.

There are shows on television that demonstrate the extreme problems some have of having clutter in their home. The state these homes are in become fire hazards and unfit places to live. However, most of us live in an environment where just a thought must be given regularly whether the item is needed or not and hopefully our home can have order to it.

Remember: When you are throwing things away please don’t give it to Opportunity Shops or other needy organisations if it is rubbish. These places do not want to go through your rubbish!

1. Have an idea when/what day/time your de-cluttering occurs

2. Have a box/bag/large container to put things in

3. Have all family members help

4. Even write a family guide to help you decide if something is rubbish

De-cluttering guide (will vary for each family)

· If it is broken it goes in the bin

· If an item of clothing doesn’t fit and it is in good condition – opportunity shop

· If you have several – only keep one

· Try and reduce the item in some way and only keep the main bit

· Once you have used it for its purpose throw it away

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