Listen, monitor, review and provide feedback

Listen, monitor, review and provide feedback

Another great article by Joe Moore

Four behaviours form the cycle of conversations to have with teams to build performance.

Build the habit of using the cycle of these four behaviours frequently.  Using this cycle of leadership behaviours lets people know that what they are doing is important – to you and to the organisation. Plus – the more frequently you display these behaviours the more likely you will not end up focused on the negative.

First is listening. Listening to people talking about performance is difficult when you have unclear objectives and expectations. You do not want to be sitting around trying to figure out what the objective is, what the target is in a conversation about performance. Set clear objectives before anyone starts work on the tasks and activities designed to achieve the objectives. Objectives help focus people’s time and effort. Clarity helps effectiveness and efficiency.

Second – monitor. As well as looking at the work completed – ask questions. Questions about the objectives, how they relate to your business values and the business plan help you monitor focus and whether people can see the link between the day-to-day and values and the plan. Ask if the work is on time, what is working well, what is not working so well, what changes would you make – how might you do this differently next time? Ask, when should I expect to see the next task completed? How does that meet our timeline? What do you need from me?

Review is number three. Conduct reviews at agreed checkpoints. The checkpoints are set at the start of the project or at the start of the work on the objective, or at the start of the review period.

Reviews are for asking questions like:


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