Links to Free Safety Resources

Links to Free Safety Resources

Occupational Safety Council of America
OSCA provides safety consulting, computer based training and employee testing services.

Some useful Safety Links sent in by M Peng from

This list of really useful free safety resources was sent in by one of our readers – Thanks Mike!

This site provides requirements and recommendations for storing hazardous materials.  Refer to the section entitled Definition of Hazardous Chemicals to determine if a chemical, material, product or mixture is hazardous.  Refer to PUB 3000, Chapter 20 for hazardous waste storage requirements.

OSHA requires employers to ensure the safety of all employees in the work environment. Eye and face protection must be provided whenever necessary to protect against chemical, environmental, and radiological hazards or mechanical irritants

The purpose of the resources on this site is to provide you with a database of generalized polices for use in assembling an employee handbook. Many of these policies are ready to use and can be simply inserted into your handbook, however, not every section will be applicable to your specific company or facility.

3E Company actively and proudly provides a variety of resources to the EH&S community in an effort to inform EH&S professionals on the latest issues and topics affecting the EH&S profession. Visit the EH&S Resource Center for the latest helpful articles, webinars, presentations, white papers and more

This program is designed to assist you in complying with OSHA Regulations. The video talks about how and why OSHA was created, when they began and some additional information on what they do.

The links on the site above provide downloads of OSHA Fact Sheets on a variety of subjects.   We hope you find them useful!.  All are available for free.

Welcome to Environmental Health & Safety Online, for EHS Professionals and the general public!  We hope to answer your questions and concerns about the effects of chemicals in the air you breath, the quality of the water you drink, food safety, and compounds found in building materials, etc. that you and your family may be exposed to.

We examine food safety, chemical sensitivity, chemicals in foods, asbestos in the schools and home, and specific issues that you raise by emailing us!  While we are not doctors or lawyers (… and we’re certainly thankful for the latter! 🙂  We are chemists, engineers and environmental professionals.  We believe that factual, verifiable and easy-to-understand information needs to be provided to the public to help people make better decisions about the products and services they buy and their family’s health.

We find credible public domain sources of research, such as public research institutions and government scientific websites; gather the key information from them; organize it, often re-write it and publish it here, along with links to private or copyrighted materials.  In this manner, EHSO becomes the one place to easily find the best source of environmental, health and safety guidance.  That is a level of review that a search in Google doesn’t provide!

Between the hype of the media, lunatic fringe groups and the stonewalling and deceit of many large companies and governments, credible and easy-to-understand information has been too rare to find!  We aim to help solve that!

Australian Safety regulations

on-line databases of information, downloadable software, and lots of other interesting resources related to the environment, health & safety. ALL AT NO COST! The site is growing, so check back often.

IHSA is your new partner in preventing workplace injury and illness.

Whether you’re an employer or a worker, you want to get the job done well. We at IHSA can help you do exactly that, and do it safely. For more info on the services we offer, download our brochure (956 kb).

Links to 100s of free safety downloads in pdf format

eTools, Expert Advisors, eMatrix

eTools are “stand-alone,” interactive, Web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics. They are highly illustrated and utilize graphical menus. Some also use expert system modules, which enable the user to answer questions, and receive reliable advice on how OSHA regulations apply to their work site. Expert Advisors are based solely on expert systems.

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