How asset tags can aid risk management in the workplace

How asset tags can aid risk management in the workplace

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asset tagsWith the economy in a bad way, it’s as essential to employ a decent risk-management strategy for your business as it has ever been. Asset tags from companies like Seton might be a great place to start – and here are just a few reasons why.

Asset tags protect your equipment

Every year, small and large corporations are targeted by thieves, so it’s important to take preventative measures – and this is where asset tags come in. These small, adhesive labels can be applied to computers, laptops, mobile phones, printing equipment and other gadgets and allow items to be tracked and traced. Criminals are less likely to steal items that are accounted for, so start tagging your belongings today. Place them on the front of anything valuable and make sure they can be easily seen at all times (and are not hiding away).

They can help you with your inventory management

Asset tags will give you a unique serial number or barcode that can be scanned into an inventory management system. This allows businesses to keep track of their inventory in a sophisticated way and makes stocktaking a whole lot easier. Knowing what’s on the shop floor and what’s in the store room, for instance, will stop businesses from over/under ordering and should keep many companies afloat. Recently, online industry resource What is Health and Safety suggested many businesses are failing to embrace asset tagging – so don’t be one of those who fall into the trap.

Asset tags keep track of valuables

Having an up-to-date inventory management system should stop employees stealing equipment. Many workers forget (or fail to) return expensive items when they change jobs, but a well-run spread sheet could stop this from happening. Simply scan all security labels into your computer and allocate a specific computer, laptop or phone to specific employees. You’ll know who’s got what and will be able to recall it at any time. If office equipment’s leaving the workplace regularly, asset tagging will increase organisation.

If you want to look after your property and keep your company thriving, a good idea might be looking at asset tags.

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