Home Electrical Safety

Home Electrical Safety

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Electrical safety is very important in every household. Electrical systems that are faulty can lead to fire, injuries, damages and deaths. Wiring seems to deteriorate with the passing of time and since electrical systems are used to their maximum these days, they may cause short circuit. Short circuits can prove very dangerous, even fatal at times. It is important to ensure that you consult an electrician and get the electrical system in your house checked. Following are a few problems you may check for.

Tripped breakers or fuses that are blown frequently

Overloaded circuits are often the reason for the problem. Certain appliances cannot be used at the same time. This does not mean that you can substitute your fuses for higher-capacity ones and try to avoid the problem as this can only add more danger and overburden the wiring, thereby starting a fire.

Electric shocks

Electric shocks can be felt when a hair dryer is dropped into a damp sink. A fault circuit must be installed in the ground to interrupt outlet if your face these problems. This circuit will offer protection against electric shocks as they can shut off power supply automatically when appliances make contact with a source of water.

Sizzling sounds around outlets or hot outlets

If the wiring system is loose, sparks will be created behind the walls. Arcing is the technical term for the problem and it is one of the fire hazards that threaten the safety of an environment. The circuit breakers must be turned off immediately when such a problem occurs and an electrician must be called. Ask the electrician to install a new outlet appliance known as arc fault breaker as it provides extra safety. These fault breakers shut off power supply when they detect arcing.

Don’t rely on extension cords

It can be dangerous to rely on your extension cords to handle lights and appliances as they have the potential to overheat quickly and pose a risk of fire. Even if you’re using just one permanently, add another so as to keep you protected. A new outlet can be added every six feet.

Call the electrician and don’t touch the installation

Most of the time, home owners or people who notice something wrong with the electrical systems or appliances in a home often check the installations themselves. It is okay to do so if you have proper knowledge about how the systems work, but if you have no idea about the functioning of electrical appliances, it is advised that you keep away from them. It is very dangerous to handle faulty electrical appliances as they have the potential to cause serious injuries, even death at times. Any faults in your electrical systems or appliances must be handles by qualified and professional electricians.

Faulty appliances or improper wiring carry serious threats with them and it is essential that you check for these problems in your home periodically. If you notice anything wrong, the first thing you must do is to turn off the power supply, unplug the device and call an electrician.


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