Improving Medication Adherence

Improving Medication Adherence Medication adherence is big news today. In recent years, both health care professionals and the media have discussed this topic at length. But what is medication adherence? According to The World Health Organization, medication adherence is defined as "the extent to which a person's behavior corresponds with… Learn more >>>>>

Shit Mates Don’t Say

Shit Mates Don’t Say – Healthy Talk from NSW Cancer Council No apologies for the title! Straight to the point, very simple yet important message from the NSW Cancer Council: “a healthy talk with your mates could be the first step in preventing cancer”. See the video, facts, health tips… Learn more >>>>>

Health Checks for Men

Health Checks for Men: What NOT to Skip in Your Next Physical Check-up Guest Post For some reasons, men dread having to go to the doctor for regular health checks, even if they are covered by the annual executive checkup. What most do not realize is that these health checks… Learn more >>>>>