For The Love of Zero Competition Winners

For The Love of Zero Competition Winners

We were flooded with some great entries for this competition! Dr Rob has picked the winners for the book comp (read more about the book here) and they are:

Dean Lailey – Safety & Compliance Coordinator

Eileen Crosdale – Fabrication Supervisor & OHS Coordinator

Paul Nieuwoudt – Contract Manager

Stephen Lasscock  – Area Manager Workplace Safety

Wayne Robertson – Health & Safety Co-ordinator

George Robotham – Safety Consultant.

Congratulations to you all, Dr Rob will send you all a signed copy of the book.

The winning entry by Paul Nieuwoudt will receive two copies of the book and it was:

Many companies, including the one I work for, fervently espouses and believes in the zero harm principle. Belief in, and the use risk assessments is also fervently promoted. In my opinion these two are mutually exclusive, yet the same people who promulgate both beliefs appear blind to the obvious contradiction between the two.

As you will be aware, Risk assessments consider consequence and likelihood. Every risk assessment that I have been part of, or privy to, has identified (and accepted) risks that deem some level of harm as likely or possible outcome. So on the one hand they say they want zero harm and on the other hand say (through their risk assessments) that some risk of harm is acceptable.

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