FIFO Culture Survey

imageJohn Toomey ( has long had a passion for helping to improve FIFO Cultures to prevent mental health problems and has decided to write a book on the subject. As part of the project, he has created a 35 question, anonymous survey. He wants to circulate it far and wide to get as many FIFO workers as possible to complete it. He would love a data sample of at least 2000.

Please help by taking part in the survey and sharing this blog post and/or the link below.

Here is the preamble and the link:

We are currently writing a book about creating a successful and rewarding experience in FIFO careers. It will be titled something like “Mastering the FIFO Lifestyle”. We write with a great deal of knowledge, but seek more real time, relevant understanding. We want to hear from the people on the ground, living the FIFO life, or who have lived the FIFO life. Our aim in writing the book is to help all workers and their families, new and old, to better prepare for the experience and make it work, for everyone. This is our effort to reduce the unacceptable levels of mental health issues in among this workforce. So, your genuine responses to the following Survey will help us gain a clearer understanding. It is anonymous. We are simply using the data to collate for our own use, so that our book will be as relevant and useful as possible. Please click on the link. It should only take a few minutes.

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