Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas – Safety Overkill

passive smoking

Don’t worry – if you stay this side of the blue tape you will be quite safe from passive smoke!! What a joke!! There were open log fires burning all around this event as part of the act! Well done to the few smokers who actually decided to do the right thing and be corralled into this area, most ignored it and used good old common sense, discretion and consideration instead.

Reminds me of the guys at the oil refinery who used to stand inside the chain link fence with their durries sticking through it – they weren’t smoking on a work site!

Mmmm… dry hay + cigarette butts = ?

But probably the most interesting display on the day at this freak show Medieval Festival!

Oh……. and as we were leaving, a fire truck entered – sirens blazing – I wonder if it was to deal with someone caught smoking outside of this area????

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