An Ethic of Risk Workshop 10,11 May 2020

The next scheduled workshop by the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk is the Ethics in Risk Workshop for 10,11 May in Canberra. You can register and read an overview here: It is important to register early as it looks like we may need to hire a larger venue.

The Workshop tackles the many difficult challenges of Ethics and ethical issues not canvassed in the AIHS Bok on Ethics. The workshop tackles many of the real daily ethical dilemmas for people as has been discussed recently on this blog (

The workshop also includes an in depth critique of the AIHS BoK on Ethics and why a comprehensive and mature ethic of risk is needed for people in risk and safety. This includes a deconstruction of the deontology of the BoK and the dilemmas associated with projecting that safety people are innately ethical and the idea of ‘checking the gut’ for ethical decision making.

The workshop tackles an Ethic of Risk from the foundation of Social Psychology and helps participants map their own approach against other approaches and worldviews, (see Figure 1. Schools of Ethics and or: ). Far from proposing a single or simplistic approach to Ethics, the workshop helps participants tackle the realities of taking an ethical stance in the workplace using recent case studies and ethical dilemmas.

Figure 1. Schools of Ethics


The workshop helps participants define critical terms associated with ethics such as: morality, ethos, ethics, ethics, wisdom, meta-ethics, amoral/immoral, justice, social justice, natural law and virtue. Discussion includes why the notions of morality and ethics must not be used interchangeably as is confused in the AIHS BoK. A critical aspect of discussion includes the importance of personhood and humanizing risk and identifying strategies that dehumanize others and are therefore unethical.

The workshop is conducted by Dr Robert Long and Craig Ashhurst. Craig has recently completed his PhD at ANU in Collective Coherence, Transdisciplinarity and Wicked Problems. If you want to know more about the workshop you can contact:

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