What is Psychosocial Safety

What is Psychosocial Safety? Psychosocial safety is really not a new concept but has been around industry for some time. The beginnings of psychosocial safety are usually linked to Herbert W. Heinrich an insurance investigator in the 1930s and 1940s.… Read the rest

Understanding Psychological Terminology

Understanding Psychological Terminology and Applying it to Safety and Risk. All professions (intentionally and unintentionally) create language, acronyms and discourse that create territory and challenges for understanding. This is why we sometimes have trouble understanding a doctor who is trying… Read the rest

Understanding Conscience and Safety

Understanding Conscience and Safety Conscience refers to an unconscious sense of ethics, most often associated with intuition and implicit knowledge. One’s conscience refers to a way of ethical decision making associated with heuristics and emotional sensemaking. Conscience informs judgment and… Read the rest

The Psychology of Leadership in Risk

The Psychology of Leadership in Risk The second Unit in the Post Graduate Program on the Psychology of Risk (humandymensions.com/post-graduate-studies) at ACU is on The Social Psychology of Leading in Risk. The only video session that will be made public… Read the rest