Compliance, Obedience and The Attraction of Risk

Compliance, Obedience and The Attraction of Risk

Great Response by Dr Rob Long (thanks Rob) to our recent article: Our Obsession With Forbidden Pleasures. Please find detail of Rob’s next education program at the bottom of this article.

clip_image002Most people know of the experiments of Stanley Milgram back in the 1960s and 1970s. Milgram’s book Obedience to Authority (1974) is a rare find these days but I did manage to get a copy a few years ago. Some pictures are attached from his famous obedience experiments. Milgram is one of the most known social psychologists of our time and like number of other researchers had direct connection to the atrocities of The Holocaust.

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Psychometric Testing and Safety

Psychometric Testing and Safety by George Robotham from Having had some exposure to the area, some of the problems I see with psychometric testing include- There is often a big gap between the test and the real world of work. Behaviour is situational. Often in these tests you are given black and white scenarios …

Safety Justifies Anything and Everything

Safety Justifies Anything and Everything

guest post by Dr Rob Long from

Once we have the safety moral high ground we can offend anyone, because we care about them? Once I have this moral high ground I can manipulate data for my own ends, I can police others, crusade and oppress others because, in the name of care, I must drive as hard as I can for the absolute goal of zero.

Depositphotos_8171991_xsIsn’t it strange how the quest for safety is used to justify all range of unethical practice. As long as we put the intention and words of safety in front of some practice or some idea, we are somehow allowed to bully, intimidate, manipulate, overpower and say anything offensive, as long as we speak the sacred unchallenged words of safety.

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Risk Psychometrics, Spin and Snake Oil

Risk Psychometrics, Spin and Snake Oil

Latest article by Dr Robert Long from

A great quote from the article:

So, let us name safety psychometrics for what it is. Safety psychometrics is workforce eugenics as if humans are not human, as if the absolute of zero is cause for absolute control of humans, as if risk is the enemy, as if fear is how we should live and as if learning and imagination are not required for the creation of safe workplaces. If one wants a human workforce, then robots won’t do.


Depositphotos_13949903_xsThe recent boom in sales marketing by companies promising to eliminate risk takers and unsafe people from the workforce shows that there is good money to be made from spin and safety snake oil. The problem is not only that claims made by these companies are founded on eugenic assumptions and pseudo science but more, such ideas are dangerous, non-creative and anti-learning.

There are several tests to assess the validity and presence of snake oil. Try these:

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Keep Your Head In the Game

Keep Your Head In the Game By Phil La Duke After all the hoopla in the U.S. about the dangers of texting while driving, a new study has found yet another reason that people drive like fools. In a study released by the Erie Insurance Group 10% of all crashes were caused by “distracted” driver, …