Fireworks Safety Slogans

Fireworks Safety Slogans

Today is Territory Day in NT (the only Australian State where the public can buy fireworks) and with 4th of July Celebrations approaching, our readers are asking for firework safety slogans. Unfortunately there aren’t many around so I made up a few myself. If you can do better then leave send then in your comments below:

  1. If you fool around with fireworks you’re crackers
  2. They aren’t called FIRE WORKS for nothing
  3. Don’t let the number of hand and eye injuries SKYROCKET

Best I can do at short notice!

Few more from a reader:

  • never handle a Roman Candle
  • stand well back when you light the fuse or your eyes again you will never use
  • Only jerks fool with fire works
Fireworks Safety Internet Resources:

Provided by

  • National Council on Fireworks Safety: safety, statistics on injuries and state laws that will help you to have a safe and fun Fourth of July.
  • Prevent Blindness America Fireworks Safety: “Prevent Blindness America warns that there is no safe way for nonprofessionals to use fireworks. It is only safe to enjoy the splendor and excitement of fireworks at a professional display.” Learn what to do if you ignore this advice and your child’s eyes are injured to prevent blindness.
  • Fireworks Safety Fact Sheet: from the NFPA (formerly the National Fire Protection Association), a fact sheet on fireworks safety, including a fireworks safety lesson plan that students can use to plan and present a skit demonstrating decisions that could result in a risky situation involving fireworks.
  • Celebrate Safely This Fourth of July : from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, learn firework safety to prevent eye injuries.