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I linked out of LinkedIn over 12 months ago and cant say I’ve missed it! It seems that it has denigrated even further and given a platform and voice to bullies and those who would likely just be ignored elsewhere. Phil has asked me to ask if you could give him a little support as ...… Discover more >>>>>


New Year’s Resolutions for Safety Professionals - 2017 By Phil LaDuke – first posted here Four years ago I posted New Year’s resolutions for Safety Professionals and it continues to get a lot of traffic this time of year. I while I still believe the resolutions I wrote back then are important, I think it’s high time ...… Discover more >>>>>


A couple of new articles by Phil LaDuke Should Safety Pros Be Entrepreneurs? Not that the public outcry about my hiatus from writing the blog has been deafening, I would like you each to know that I have been writing quite a bit, primarily for Entrepreneur magazine. In fact, one of my recent articles, The Top 5 ...… Discover more >>>>>

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The Mountain Has Been Climbed. Now What? by Phil La Duke, first published here: You’re corporate incident rate is so low that you are the envy of your industry, so where do you go from here? Despite the ever increasing death traps that we call workplaces, it’s a valid question that some fortunate companies have to ...… Discover more >>>>>


Wow !! - Thankyou Phil !!! First published here: When the Bright Eyes of A Giant Grow Dim and Fade to Black By Phil La Duke Dedicated to Dave Collins for his years of service to the safety function. “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked… for an angry fix” Recently the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Too Sexy For Safety? Latest blog by Phil La Duke who says: “As thought leaders and journalists I'm curious on your opinion: Does Pamela Anderson's or Kaito Kaelin's notoriety mean that they are inappropriate spokesperson's for safety? Or can comedy infuse an otherwise boring safety event into something worthwhile? Should one's past mistakes be held against ...… Discover more >>>>>


Latest blog by Phil LaDuke (thanks heaps for the mention Phil!) First published here Phil says: “When it comes to safety the job itself can be pretty thankless. This isn't a woe is me—nobody appreciates me, but after working in field for over 15 years and speaking and writing for the last 10, it seems like ...… Discover more >>>>>


Is Treating all Hazards the Same Endangering Lives?

by Phil LaDuke
Is Treating all Hazards the Same Endangering Lives? By Phil La Duke - first published here: Phil says: “We tend to think of injuries in terms of a long string of events, the Domino Theory, if you will. But some hazards are likely to kill us and others will be little more than an irritation. I ...… Discover more >>>>>