Why The Problem With Learning Is Unlearning

Why The Problem With Learning Is Unlearning

Blank blackboard with eraser and chalkGreat share from one of our long time readers and commenters who says:

This article https://hbr.org/2016/11/why-the-problem-with-learning-is-unlearning resonated with me because it touches, on so many levels, what we frequently discuss on Safetyrisk.net.  For instance, his model for unlearning is:

First, you have to recognize that the old mental model is no longer relevant or effective.

Second, you need to find or create a new model that can better achieve your goals.

Third, you need to ingrain the new mental habits.

These sounds very much like the typical discussion here, for example:

First, you need to recognise that Zero Harm is not effective and should therefore not be relevant any longer.

Second, you need to find a model that humanises and includes human fallibility.

Third, you need to keep on discussing the new model, refine it, critique it and start making it part of your life.



Wynand Serfontein

Wynand Serfontein

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Wynand Serfontein
Senior Scientist at Sasol, although this article reflects personal opinion, and is not endorsed by Sasol in any way. Experience: I am a chemist by training, but have been involved in R&D safety since 2007.

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