Who Is a “Competent Person” in Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment?

Who Is a “Competent Person” in Testing and Tagging Electrical Equipment?

By Peter J Hill

All testing and tagging performed in Australia is adopted and made law by each State OH&S Authority using the So to start with who is a competent person?, and that definition is found in Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2003. This states that testing must be carried out by a ‘competent person’. That person should be able to use test equipment safely and effectively, must have an understanding of the construction of the equipment, the requirements of the standard, the dangers of electricity and the legislative requirement.

So as a customer what should you look for, in considering a person or a company that will perform your testing and tagging at your Workplace?

Firstly Ensure that the person performing the test at your premises is Qualified… The best Qualification for testing and tagging competency is a Nationally Recognised Certificate gained by a National Quality Trainer, It is best to choose an Electrical OH&S company trains its technicians to UEENEEP008 standard, entitled Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cords.

Secondly, all the testing equipment used is calibrated every 12 months and a calibration certificate must be shown upon request.

Thirdly, the person performing your testing should be able to help you with Current Statutory OH&S requirements and explain the Australian Standards and how they apply to your Workplace. In Each state of Australia there are booklets and fact sheets pertaining to Electrical Appliance safety and its requirements under statutory law. Most are downloadable or can ordered through the “Safety at Work” Websites in your State. Being familiar with this info will help you choose at Competent person (and also company to test and tag your appliances.

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