What ISN’T Safety?

What ISN’T Safety?

If you think safety is zero harm then is love just zero hate?

Depositphotos_9428687_xs_thumbThere is quite an active discussion happening on a LinkedIn Forum (The Safety EHS OHS Group) at the moment in response to the question “What is Safety…define safety in only 2 words”. SEE IT HERE.  You will see that it’s not really a discussion as any attempts to question the responses are ignored and the traditional responses just keep coming… I think that the responses to this question are very disappointing and would be much more appropriate if the question was: “What ISN’T Safety”. The responses include:

  • zero harm
  • Compliance and following procedures
  • Control and elimination of hazards
  • Safe environment
  • Hazard control
  • Efficient Production
  • Common Sense
  • Staying alert
  • Risk reduction and hazard elimination
  • Injury avoidance. All relevant Safety legislation is surely based on stopping our people getting injured.

I can understand these types of responses from new Safety Officers but not from experienced professionals in Corporate Safety and Risk roles.

I’ve been blocked from commenting but perhaps you could have a read of these articles below then head over to the forum and maybe steer this conversation in the right direction.


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