Effective Safety Committees

Effective Safety Committees An effective safety committee is one in which motivated committee members communicate problem solving ideas and promote general safety in all employees.  A fully comprehensive safety team demonstrates the company’s commitment to safe and healthy employees, and… Read the rest

Bureaucracy and Paperwork in OHS

Bureaucracy and Paperwork in OHS   Introduction I believe bureaucracy and paperwork is strangling innovation and progress in OHS. Overly complex systems are being used and people give up because it is too much like hard work. Some examples One… Read the rest

The Arse-Covering Myth

The Arse-Covering Myth Guest post by Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com One of the most dominant myths in industry is that paperwork is an ‘arse-covering’ exercise. People seem to accept and tolerate paperwork for this reason when the reality is… Read the rest