How Risky is Your Safety Spin?

How Risky is Your Safety Spin? Rob Long has agreed to publically release another awesome video which is part of the package you receive with his new book: Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk “What you say in health and safety, regardless of whether or not it is just an … Continue reading

Say Something that Makes Sense

This is definitely one for Safety People who like to think! Say Something that Makes Sense When Francis Fukuyama was asked what he thought was the most dangerous idea in the world he responded, ‘transhumanism’. Transhumanism is the quest to liberate humans from their biological constraints … Continue reading

Silences in Safety

With the subtlety sledgehammer, Dr Rob Long knocks the unattainable, meaningless ideas and slogans like “Zero Harm” and “Safety First” right on the noggin! Read more of his articles here “Cultures that strategically know their silences are more sophisticated than cultures that fill the … Continue reading