What Can Safety Learn From Playschool?

These days I watch a lot of Playschool, a children’s TV program on ABCTV (https://www.abc.net.au/abcforkids/sites/playschool/). Playschool is a pre-school education program based entirely on imagination and play. Everything about the show is basic - no fancy props, no expensive sets and adults (usually male and female) enact the poetics of… Learn more >>>>>

In search of plan B in workers’ recovery

The cumbersome systems that have evolved around workers compensation cause frustration and suffering for employers and workers. Employers get saddled with volatile costs and workers get labelled as problems to be fixed. Health professionals reluctantly and cautiously engage in the same way that we tolerate our obnoxious uncle at Xmas… Learn more >>>>>

Speaking Out

I haven't published a post like this one for a while but I found Peter’s story very compelling. I had a few thoughts when reading this......... I agree that we all need to speak out but, perhaps more importantly, I think that we need to do more ASKING OUT (yes… Learn more >>>>>

Developing Our Inner Introversion

Developing Our Inner Introversion …..the art of questioning becomes more difficult as status increases. Our culture emphasizes that leaders must be wiser, set direction and articulate values, all of which predisposes them to tell rather than ask”. Edgar Schein in Humble Inquiry (2013, p.5) I attended a 'thinking group' meeting… Learn more >>>>>