Study Options in Social Psychology of Risk for 2020

Study Options in Social Psychology of Risk for 2020

Masters at Federation University

For those who are seeking post graduate qualifications at University there are opportunities to undertake Master’s studies with Dr Long at Federation University. The structure of the degree involves two preparation units and a project/long essay supervised by Dr Long.

The Master’s can be done remotely and supervision using Skype so, can be undertaken anywhere in the world.

For those interested in the Social Psychology of Risk the scope for studies is extensive and can be applied to any project. There is no other University globally offering studies in the Social Psychology of Risk.

The project/long essay would seek to apply an SPoR focus to an issue of relevance to the student. A long essay is generally structured in chapters and is like a mini-thesis. Expectations are for approx. 20,000 words.

If you want to know more about an SPoR approach to risk then you will find all you need in the latest book by Dr Long The Social psychology of Risk handbook ( or from any of the free book downloads:

To discuss project/thesis ideas, enrolment requirements or more information contact Dr Long:

Studies with the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk

International Workshop Canberra 3-7 February 2020

The first International Workshop for 2020 will be on 3-7 February 2020 in Canberra. Several OS students from Austria and South Africa have already enrolled but of course this is open to anyone from Australia too.

Two Masterclass modules and a semiotic walk are on offer for the week, these are as follows:

3,4 February: Transdisciplinarity and Risk

5,6 February: An Ethic of Risk

7 February: Semiotic Walk – More surprises on offer

Online Options for Overseas Students with CLLR in 2020

All modules are on offer for online studies for non-Australian residents. Registration for online studies is here:

Face-to-Face Studies Semester One in 2020

Introductory studies in SPoR will be offered in blocks in 2020 with options to choose single or double module studies in a week. ALL face-to-face studies are only offered in Canberra. These are:

24,25 February: Introduction to SPoR

26,27 February: SEEK Investigations

28 February: Optional Introduction Semiotic Walk

20, 21 April: Risk Amplification

22,23 April: Introduction to Semiotics

24 April: Advanced Semiotic Walk

Dates for other modules will be announced in following newsletters according to demand.

Online Options for Australian Students in 2020

For Australian students, once three introductory modules have been completed face-to-face all other modules are available for online studies.


The CLLR Prospectus can be downloaded here:

Coaching Options in the Study

There are opportunities available (depending on dates) for small group and one-to-one coaching in the study with Dr Long. Contact Rob at:

Reading Group

If you are interested in joining the SPoR Reading group, where a book is read and Skype exchange is held every 2 months then contact Rob at

Bonus Free Book

As a bonus to this newsletter, the first 10 people who ask will receive a free copy of Rob’s latest book: The Social Psychology of Risk Handbook (

No strings attached, first 10 people in – best dressed. Just email: with your snail mail details and if you are quick the book will be on its way.

If you want the inside cover addressed with a greeting also let me know.



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