Social Sensemaking Available Now PLUS Free Share and Giveaway

Social Sensemaking Available Now PLUS Free Share and Giveaway

 Introducing Social Sensemaking

social sensemakingHuman beings have long been fascinated with the question of ‘why we do what we do?’. For some, the desire to understand this becomes a lifelong quest. For me, it was a fascination with this question that lead me to commence a ‘learning adventure’ to better understand people and risk. It is a reflection of this adventure, shared with others, that we share in the book. That is, how we make sense of risk through a means called Social Sensemaking.

What is the Book About?

After a lifetime of working in Risk, Safety and Human Resources, the Contributors to this book take time out to reflect on these fields. They ponder why there is such a fixation on control and power; this ultimately restricts people’s thinking, autonomy and hence motivation and innovation. It seems that the seduction to want to reign in and control people, is difficult to resist in many organisations.

This book, and the idea itself of Social Sensemaking, was born from a search for a more humanistic approach and methodology to supporting people to deal with risk. That is because in order to make sense of risk, we need to commune and converse with others; it is a social activity.

The book is written in the form of a ‘reflective journal’; it is not a text or a report on formal research. Instead, it is a collaboration of stories and experiences in how we make sense of decisions and judgments; particularly about risk. It questions the traditional controlling and dictating methods that can be too easily adopted by the Risk, Safety and HR fields, and offers ideas that are more ‘humanising’.

We invite you to join in the ‘learning adventure’ shared in the book – order your copy now.

Supporting Learning and Critical Thinking

clip_image002One of the key aims of the book is to support the reader to further ponder on their own ideas and thoughts on the topics and stories offered within it. With this in mind, each Chapter concludes with a short summary and suggestions to support you in “Further Growing and Developing the Ideas in This Chapter”. Because we know about the importance of signs, symbols and communicating with the non-conscious, these sections are easily identified throughout the book with this symbol. Our aim in sharing our learning with others through a reflective journal is to encourage more critical thinking, we hope that the inclusion of these questions and ideas will support this.

Free Chapter Share

To give readers a sense of what the book is about and to provide an idea of what is in the Chapters, Rob has kindly agreed to provide copy of the Index, Preface and Chapter One; which is a story about Rob’s special mate, Beavo. You can download the Free Chapter HERE.

Competition – 5 Copies to Give Away

Rob is offering Five (5) Free copies of Social Sensemaking as an exclusive offer to readers of

All you have to do is find the connection between the story in Chapter One and an image from the front cover of the book. The first 5 people to make the connection and write to Rob at will be the winners. Entries will be accepted up to Friday 26 August, winners will be notified soon after.

Available Now – Order Your Copy Now

Social Sensemaking is available now and can be ordered by clicking on this LINK or by scanning the QR Code below.


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