So words and the way we say them don’t matter?

imageSo words and the way we say them don’t matter?

This poem was recently posted on Facebook. I started to read it (only because I knew  the person who posted it) of course I immediately thought  he had lost the plot – then I got to the bottom – wow, what a difference perspective and context makes!!!!

This concept (not sure if you would call it a palindrome as they read the same either way?) intrigued me so I did a little research. It seems that this all started with the video below which was entered into a competition way back in 2007. A 14 year old boy wrote a similar poem in February last year and was accused of stealing the idea. There are a few of these around, including the one below about marriage.

What I would really like to do is write a similar one about safety and risk – anybody up for the challenge? I’m thinking one way it could read about zero, hazards and compliance – the other way it would read about people and learning.


Do you have any thoughts? Please share them below